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The Healthy Thyroid Seminar Designed To Boost Your Energy, Libido, and Weight Loss Success!

Courtesy of Dr. Vinicio Cornejo

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Attend this FREE information packed Thyroid presentation and get information you can begin using ASAP to get your health back on track.

On Oct. 8th at 1:00 P.M. I will be presenting a FREE seminar on ways to live a healthier life, lose weight and have a healthier Thyroid.

I’m asking my existing patients to please bring a guest that may be dealing with Thyroid issues. They will greatly benefit from coming. There will be a drawing for prizes for my patients who bring a guest. The main prize will be a free Comprehensive Blood Panel ($199 Value) which will give you an in-depth analysis of your overall health.

10 reasons why you need to attend this very informative presentation

  1.  Your Thyroid may be the reason you can’t lose weight.
  2.  Your Thyroid may be the reason you are always tired and have no energy.
  3.  You or someone you know may have a Thyroid disease and don’t know about it.
  4.   If you do have Thyroid disease and don’t know about it, it is still making you sick!
  5.   Find out which healthy food is making so many people sick and contributing to Thyroid disease.
  6.   The foods you’re eating may not only be the cause, but can be destroying your Thyroid.
  7.   Even though you’ve been told your lab test are normal, you still may have a thyroid condition.
  8.   Learn which lab tests are usually not performed, but should be especially with Hypothyroidism.
  9.   Learn what Functional Medicine is and how it can help improve Thyroid health.
  10. This may be the very thing you’ve been looking for to start you on the path to a healthier you!

Seating is limited, and I do mean limited, so please call to reserve your seat. RSVP (909) 874-6640


Breakthrough Hashimoto’s Diet Coming Soon! And It’s Not The Paleo Diet?


Although many people with Hashimoto’s find great success following a gluten-free, autoimmune, or Paleo diet, it’s clear these diets do not go the distance in managing Hashimoto’s for everyone. Dr. Datis Kharrazian recently worked with world-renowned immunologist Dr. Aristo Vojdani conducting research in complex cross-reactive mechanisms. They evaluated molecular mimicry between the entire thyroid axis and more than 200 foods and numerous common chemicals – in other words, They looked at how specific foods or chemicals triggered immune reactions to specific areas of the thyroid.

Molecular mimicry means the antibody of a food or chemical is so similar in structure to that of a body tissue that the immune system confuses the two. For example, processed soy protein has a similar amino acid sequence to that of thyroglobulin, a protein in the thyroid gland used to produce thyroid hormone. If one has an immune reaction to processed soy protein, then the soy antibodies can bind to thyroglobulin due to molecular mimicry. As a result, the immune system attacks both the processed soy protein AND the thyroid tissue in an autoimmune process.

In their study they used a laboratory method called ELISA to look for cross-reactivity between human antibodies for the entire thyroid axis (TSH, TPO, thyroglobulin, 5’ deiodinase, T3, and T4) and more than 200 purified dietary proteins and over a dozen chemicals bound to human protein.

Dr. Vojdani and Dr. Kharrazian found that more than 30 foods, many of which are on the Paleo diet, cross-react — or induce molecular mimicry — with various parts of the thyroid axis. The findings of this research will lead to dietary guidelines that are more specific then the general Paleo or autoimmune diet.

At this time, the data is being formulated into a paper that will be submitted to a scientific journal for peer-review. They cannot disclose the outcomes until there is an independent evaluation of the research process. As soon as the study is validated by independent researchers and published they will post the dietary guidelines to further support their Hashimoto’s readers. They are confident this research could change everything!

Original Blog By Dr. Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MS, MNeuroSci @ http://drknews.com/breakthrough-research-hashimotos-diet-coming-soon/

Reverse Color Blindness


What do hair dressers, artists, fashion industry folks, designers, construction workers, painters and other similar occupations have in common?

They all depend on color discrimination for their work.

Statistically, 8% of the US population suffers from color blindness.

Unfortunately, the onset of color blindness is a slow process and many folks often don’t even know they have lost it.

Researchers have discovered that many environmental toxins make color discrimination fade with time.

Chief among the toxins linked to color blindness include TCE, PCE (tetracholoethylene and perchloroethylene). These are more commonly known as dry cleaning fluids.

These toxins are very common solvents in many industries.

Other toxins can induce color blindness like mercury or phthalates from food packaging, nail polish, plastic water bottles, etc.

In addition to color blindness they may also be the cause of other symptoms like brain fog, dwindling memory and poor attention.

The bottom line is you need to detoxify.

The takeaway is color blindness can be considered an early sign of toxic exposure.

Finding a functional medicine practitioner skilled in the proper application and administration of detoxification is key. Don’t make the mistake of using one of those over-the-counter detox formulas.

It is best to have someone trained in functional medicine who has a thorough understanding of the proper clinical strategies to detoxify.

Compliments from Functional Medicine University http://www.FunctionalMedicineUniversity.com

What Is Gluten Reactivity Anyway???


Gluten-Reactivity is a systemic (whole body) autoimmune condition with many different manifestations. What is an autoimmune condition? It is a condition in which your own body is attacking itself with its own Immune (defense) system. Celiac disease or gluten sensitive enteropathy (gastrointestinal disease) is only one, of a range of possible manifestations of reactivity to gluten. Celiac’s disease, because it is the most commonly known manifestations of Gluten-Reactivity, receives the most attention to the point of ignoring all the other manifestations that can arise. What are other manifestations that can arise from a gluten reactivity, you ask? Well, here is a short list in the very, very long list of manifestations; Depression, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, joint pain, memory loss, brain fog, brain degeneration, headaches and so on. Autoimmune disease is the third leading cause of death in the industrialized world, which includes diseases such as; Crohn’s, Diabetes, Hypo/Hyper Thyroidism and SLE to name a few. Autoimmune disease is 10 times more common in a person with Gluten-Reacivity compared to the general population. So we can see that the burden on our society from Gluten-Reactivity cannot be overlooked. Early identification of this plaguing condition can result in earlier treatment, better quality of life and an improved prognosis. Some will say “but I feel fine eating what I eat now”, to those people I would say so did everyone else who has a disease now, but didn’t back then. Let’s help prevent illness and disease by becoming aware now.

Yours In Health, Dr. Cornejo

Picture of HYDRA Compliments of gluten Free Society:  http://www.glutenfreesociety.org/gluten-free-society-blog/the-many-heads-of-gluten-sensitivity/

Three Ways To Make Your Chiropractic Adjustments Hold

Inflammation leads to disease.
Inflammation leads to disease.

When you get adjusted by your Chiropractor, do you feel as if your adjustments are no longer holding or lasting as long as they use to? Do you realize that if this is the case you have unresolved inflammation that continues to flare up? Many factors play a role as to why you continue to have unresolved and reoccurring inflammation which is causing your adjustment not to hold.

Before we get down to the cause of your inflammation, let’s talk about how it “throws out” your adjustment. Chiropractic adjustments restore normal movement and flexibility to the areas being treated. When you have more normal movement and flexibility the pain response dies down. If pain is reduced and movement is restored then inflammation also dies down. So Chiropractic adjustments indirectly reduce inflammation. By understanding this we can apply reverse logic to see how inflammation throws your adjustment out the window. Reoccurring inflammation causes pain, causing your muscles to tighten (spasms) and pull your adjustment out of whack causing diminished movement and further inflammation and more pain. It’s a vicious cycle.

So what causes inflammation? It can be caused by any number of irritants. For example if you suffer from lower back pain, repetitive movements to this already injured area will cause a flare up (inflammation). However, if you’re getting adjustments to your lower back, you should be feeling better and inflammation should be subsiding even despite repetitive movements that previously caused the problem. So why aren’t you feeling better with your Chiropractic adjustments after all, we said adjustments indirectly reduce inflammation? Right?

Right! Chiropractic adjustments do indirectly reduce inflammation. However, if it is originating from hidden sources other than aggravating movements, Chiropractic treatment may help you feel better temporarily, but your inflammation will return and the relief from your Chiropractic visits will be short-lived.

So where is this hidden source of inflammation originating from? Believe it or not, it can be coming from the very foods you’re eating. Chiropractic treatment will not be able to do much to alleviate this type of inflammatory process. This type of inflammation originates from your Gastrointestinal (GI) system. Just like your body takes its nutrients from here and spreads them to the rest of your body, in like manner, it will spread inflammation throughout the body. This type of inflammation is called systemic inflammation. For the most part you will not always feel it in your gut, but in the sensitive areas already inflamed.

So how can we attack this hidden source of inflammation? By finding out what it is that you are eating, which is causing the inflammatory response and eliminating it from your diet. Permanently! We can begin to do this by ordering and looking at very specific blood tests, which most conventional doctors are not utilizing to the benefit of the patient. This type of approach will not only allow your adjustments to hold better, but it can prevent future illnesses from developing, as you eventually lose tolerance to aggravating foods, causing not just back problems, but disease.

Here are three very effective things you can do to reduce systemic inflammation, in order to make your Chiropractic Adjustments Hold Longer.

1). Eliminate the 3 most inflammatory foods from your diet.

  • Sugar
  • Common cooking oils: Safflower, soy, sunflower, corn, and cottonseed
  • Dairy

2). Eliminate allergenic foods from your diet. Three of worst are:

  • Wheat
  • Dairy
  • Soy

3). Include into your diet:

  • Turmeric: This is Asian spice contains curcumin, which is a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon: High in omega-3, this is also a healthy anti-inflammatory.
  • Healthy Oils: Coconut oil is the best oil to use at cooking temperature, but like Olive oils, it is also healthy at lower temps. Both these oils promote anti-inflammation.

Yours In Health, Dr. Cornejo