“Get Your Life Back” Reason 7 & 8

The Healthy Thyroid Seminar Designed To Boost Your Energy, Libido, & Weight Loss Success!

Thyroid Health Rage

Courtesy of Dr. Vinicio Cornejo


 10 reasons why you need to attend this very informative presentation

Today I will be discussing reasons 7 & 8 since they are closely linked. 

Reason 7: Even though you’ve been told your lab tests are normal, you still may have a thyroid condition.

The most common lab tests performed to evaluate your Thyroid are Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and T4. However this is an incomplete picture of true thyroid health. Even though these two commonly used markers (TSH & T4) are often said to be normal other Thyroid test that are usually not performed can prove to show you have a thyroid disorder, but because these other test are not widely used you may suffer for years before being diagnosed. This may explain why even though your lab test are normal you still suffer from symptoms of a Thyroid condition

Reason 8: Learn which lab tests are usually not performed, but should be, especially with Hypothyroidism.

As discussed in the previous email the most commonly performed lab test are TSH & T4, which do not give a complete picture of your thyroid. The #1 cause of Hypothyroidism in the US is Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroid. 90% of all Hypothyroid is caused by this disease. The only way to find out if this is causing your Thyroid issues is by specific lab work, in particular by checking to see if you have anti-bodies against your own Thyroid tissue. Unfortunately most practitioners don’t run these labs. So you can take all the prescribed medication for low Thyroid hormone you want, however if you have thyroid tissue destruction from anti-bodies against your own Thyroid, your Thyroid will never get better and you will continue to suffer from Thyroid symptoms. You will continue to suffer from difficulty losing weight, low energy and not feeling your best even with “diet” and exercise. Find out if you have anti-bodies that are destroying your thyroid.

Attend this FREE informative Thyroid presentation and get the information you need and start getting your health back on track.

WHERE: The Complete Health Store 1756 N Riverside Ave Rialto, CA

WHEN: October 8th at 1:00

I’m asking those who are my existing patients to please bring a guest that may be dealing with Thyroid issues. They will greatly benefit from coming. There will be a drawing for prizes for my patients who do bring a guest. One of the prizes we will be giving away is a free Comprehensive Blood Panel ($199 Value) which will give you an in-depth look at your overall health. 

Seating is limited, and I do mean limited, so please call to reserve your seat.


(909) 874-6640

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