“Get Your Life Back” Reason 2


The Healthy Thyroid Seminar Designed To Boost Your Energy, Libido, & Weight Loss Success! 

Courtesy of Dr. Vinicio Cornejo

Thyroid Health Rage 

10 reasons why you need to attend this very informative presentation 


Reason 2: Your Thyroid may be the reason you are always tired and have no energy.


Again your Thyroid is responsible for your metabolism. It controls your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is the most basic and fundamental aspect of how your body functions. Loss of Thyroid function will lead to a decline in your BMR. This decline will lead to a gradual loss of energy, mental function, gastrointestinal motility (constipation) and mood all which lead to fatigue. Being constantly tiered will lead to weight gain and cause more health problems. You can see the vicious cycle developing. Getting your Thyroid function back will lead to better health, weight loss and MORE ENERGY! Break this vicious cycle!

Attend this FREE informative Thyroid presentation and get the information you need and start getting your health back on track.


WHERE: The Complete Health Store 1756 N Riverside Ave Rialto, CA

WHEN: October 8th at 1:00

I’m asking those who are my existing patients to please bring a guest that may be dealing with Thyroid issues. They will greatly benefit from coming. There will be a drawing for prizes for my patients who do bring a guest. One of the prizes we will be giving away is a free Comprehensive Blood Panel ($199 Value) which will give you an in-depth look at your overall health.


Seating is limited, and I do mean limited, so please call to reserve your seat.


(909) 874-6640

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