Breakthrough Hashimoto’s Diet Coming Soon! And It’s Not The Paleo Diet?


Although many people with Hashimoto’s find great success following a gluten-free, autoimmune, or Paleo diet, it’s clear these diets do not go the distance in managing Hashimoto’s for everyone. Dr. Datis Kharrazian recently worked with world-renowned immunologist Dr. Aristo Vojdani conducting research in complex cross-reactive mechanisms. They evaluated molecular mimicry between the entire thyroid axis and more than 200 foods and numerous common chemicals – in other words, They looked at how specific foods or chemicals triggered immune reactions to specific areas of the thyroid.

Molecular mimicry means the antibody of a food or chemical is so similar in structure to that of a body tissue that the immune system confuses the two. For example, processed soy protein has a similar amino acid sequence to that of thyroglobulin, a protein in the thyroid gland used to produce thyroid hormone. If one has an immune reaction to processed soy protein, then the soy antibodies can bind to thyroglobulin due to molecular mimicry. As a result, the immune system attacks both the processed soy protein AND the thyroid tissue in an autoimmune process.

In their study they used a laboratory method called ELISA to look for cross-reactivity between human antibodies for the entire thyroid axis (TSH, TPO, thyroglobulin, 5’ deiodinase, T3, and T4) and more than 200 purified dietary proteins and over a dozen chemicals bound to human protein.

Dr. Vojdani and Dr. Kharrazian found that more than 30 foods, many of which are on the Paleo diet, cross-react — or induce molecular mimicry — with various parts of the thyroid axis. The findings of this research will lead to dietary guidelines that are more specific then the general Paleo or autoimmune diet.

At this time, the data is being formulated into a paper that will be submitted to a scientific journal for peer-review. They cannot disclose the outcomes until there is an independent evaluation of the research process. As soon as the study is validated by independent researchers and published they will post the dietary guidelines to further support their Hashimoto’s readers. They are confident this research could change everything!

Original Blog By Dr. Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MS, MNeuroSci @

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